Every staff in your company is accountable for delivering an amazing customer service experience, regardless of his/her position. That's why it's crucial to empower your employees so they can make quick decisions when handling various customer issues. Learn below some useful tips on how you can do that. Lose the 'can't' and 'no' from your employees' vocabulary. When clients hear you say, 'I can help you,' or 'here's what we can do,' they already feel much better and this also starts the healing or resolution process. Allow staff to make decisions. Doing so resolves problems right away, saving both parties precious time. Besides, there's usually no wrong decision when it's about helping and fulfilling customers' needs. Also, empowering staff in decision making makes them more responsible and thus careful of their actions. Apologise and empathise. Inform your staff that it's not always about who is right or wrong. Sometimes, you need to swallow your pride and just be apologetic and empathetic-especially if this means keeping your customers. And when you do, you have to be genuine about it. No one likes a half-hearted or sarcastic 'Sorry'. Teach them to thank customers for bringing the complaint forward. Sure, criticisms can be such a pain, especially to frontliners. However, receiving one is the only way to find out that there's something wrong. And you can't possibly fix a problem when you don't know what it is. Thanking customers also shows them you value their feedback and their satisfaction is important to you.